Sunday, June 25, 2006

More Dive Trips Update

Came back two weeks ago from my latest dive trip with my colleagues in Malaysia yet again.
This time round went to Pulau Aur, Dayang and Tioman.
Although it was a liveaboard trip, nevertheless we had to take a bus to Mersing before boarding the boat.
Was stuck at the causeway for a gd 2-3 hrs sigh... After making our way through the causeway, we had our first makan stop at this place where the food was good and cheap.

After a crazy ride on the van as the driver was swerving left and right, we finally reach the pier where we had to board a small fishing boat to transfer us to the bigger boat.
Wasn't very impressed when I saw this at 12am in the morning.

Anyway, still hoped that it was going to get better when we reach the bigger boat. It was a gd half an hour ride before we board the bigger boat called Divemaster.
Dunno if I was too pampered on the last liveaboard trip that I was quite dismayed at the living areas of the boat this time.
Hmm.. basically there were no doors, jus a cloth curtain that demarcates your space or bed that is. It jus t reminds me of a better version of a refugee camp without the metal mesh ha ha.
Still.... I look forward to the dives and good company. =)
Woke up to blue skies the next morning yeah!

This is the deck where we usually have our meals.

In between our dives, we will suntan on the upper deck.

All in all, the dives were average as the visibility was poorer at only 8m compared to my first trip at 20m. It was also more tiring this time round maybe because I was sleeping right next to the noisy engine.

I still prefer the dive trip I went with shutterbug in May.
We went with MV Seaborne to Pulau Dayang, Aur and Pulau Yu.
This is the exterior look of the boat.

And this is the diving deck.

Though not luxurious, at least you have a twin room to yourselves which is clean and comfortable.

Best of all, it departs from the Singapore Yacht Club which means beating all the long queues at the causeway.
We were also treated to a magnificent sunset while having dinner before the boat departs.

After the boat left the pier, we enjoyed the Singapore night skyline and also went past a huge cruise ship.

Nothing beats waking up to clear blue sky, turquoise water and the gentle rocking of the boat.
Breakfast was simple but nice and with a cup of hot tea... Bliss...

After a relaxed breakfast and rest, we went for our dives.
A pic of shutterbug just back from his navigation training.

The water was also just nice that we only went in rashguard and bermudas.
After the dive, we were treated to another sumptuous lunch.

It was a very relaxed holiday and one of the dive sites is near this island.

Another dive site with inviting waters.

Another beautiful sunset spent lazing on the boat.

Dinner time was anticipated espcially after our night dives plus the fact that the captain of the boat who used to be a chef is cooking. Yummy!

The weekend was over before we knew it. Well, we are planning another dive this year hopefully sometime in Oct after our Hong Kong trip and my Paris course in Aug/Sep.


At June 26, 2006 at 12:11 AM, Blogger ShutterBug said...

heh heh.. din know the photos turn out so good.. hehhe...

At June 26, 2006 at 1:45 AM, Blogger eadwine said...

wah lau eh, im soooo jealous!


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