Friday, July 07, 2006

Personality Tests

After seeing shutterbugs blog, I wanna try too =)

Your Birthdate: October 21

You're a restless rebel with an unpredictable nature.
Bright but unbridled, you tend to seek out wild experiences over new ideas.
People are frustrated by your great potential, but you love your unconventional life.
You're a heartbreaker. People get attached to you, and then you're gone.

Your strength: Your thirst for adventure

Your weakness: Not taking time for slow pleasures

Your power color: Hot pink

Your power symbol: Figure eight

Your power month: March

Got somewhat hooked and tried a series of it after that ha ha...
Your Heart Is Green

Love completes you, but that doesn't mean you seek it out.
When love comes your way, you integrate it peacefully into the rest of you life.

Your flirting style: Laid back

Your lucky first date: Walking around aimlessly and talking

Your dream lover: Is both enthusiastic and calm

What you bring to relationships: Balance

Cheese Pizza

Traditional and comforting.
You focus on living a quality life.
You're not easily impressed with novelty.
Yet, you easily impress others.

Hmm... Maybe can use this in France hee...
Your French Name is:

Crescent Thibaudeau

Going for a jog now, maybe will try again later!


At July 7, 2006 at 10:08 PM, Blogger ShutterBug said...

Ahhh.... so true.. so true... hmm....


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