Sunday, August 27, 2006

Paris Part 1

Managed to downsize my photos, hence can post it on the net finally!
Was treated to a sumptuous dinner at Crystal Jade at the airport by Shutterbug cos he is so afraid that I won't get good chinese food in Paris. Wanted to order the Peking duck but was sold out. Oh well, can always eat it when I am back ha ha!
Posing a bit awkwardly for me!
Paris airport was not as chic as I thought it would be! Rather it resembles a half constructed building. We took the tube like escalators to collect my luggage. The only futuristic looking thing.
Waiting for our luggage took ages. Tink we waited close to 1-2 hrs. My colleague's box of maggie mee was found to be still in Singapore Changi airport though. In the end he had to file a report. Although they promised to send to our service apartment in Paris, it never came.
Was tired after a 13 hrs flight and we went straight to the apartment.


At September 8, 2006 at 12:40 AM, Blogger Oink said...

concidentally.... i was also treated to a meal at Crystal jade by my hubbs before i flew over to the States for my short stint ... and well was also becoz he was afraid i won't get nice chinese food over here in Dallas and i must say he's right ... Chinese food here really can't make it .. and i miss Dim Sum! =)

Enjoy the yummy pastries in Paris ... they should be good yea? definitely better than the fried junk food over in the States ... i think there was an entry by Snooze on the food in the US ;p she din enjoy it too!


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